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"Clever, witty, and sassy, with impeccable timing, [Figaro's] energy is matched by Molly Van Pelt’s smart Suzanne, who drives much of the plot."

"Terrific talent."

"Every moment is high energy and pitch perfect."

—Marin Heinritz, Revue Magazine

By Theresa Yonash.
By Claire Kimball.

"Molly Van Pelt impresses in two important roles: Countess of Douglas and Lady Mortimer."

—William Powell, DC Metro Theater Arts

"Smith also makes a point of foregrounding the powerful women of Richard's court, led by Molly Van Pelt's blistering rage as the Duchess of Gloucester."

"Molly Van Pelt's gruff, tough Douglas [is a] standout."

—Andrew White, BroadwayWorld

"Molly Van Pelt is excellent as the bereaved Duchess of Gloucester."

—Sophie Howe, DC Metro Theater Arts

"Molly Van Pelt turn[s] in very impressive ensemble work, juggling multiple characters"

—John Geoffrion, DC Theatre Scene

By Claire Kimball.
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